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Artist’s Statement

"[each work of art] is a many layered meditation on the vicissitudes and pleasures of the environment."

-Joan Murray 1999, Canadian Art in the Twentieth Century

I have always lived by the sea and I also spent 32 years as a fisheries enforcement officer in Nova Scotia looking at and

into the sea with its infinite subject matter. I am fascinated by how it impacts and transforms everything it encounters. My greatest joy is recreating its ever-changing dance of colour, light, reflection and refraction.


In my current work I explore moments where land and sea meet, the translucency of multi-coloured rocks alternately bathed and pounded by the shallow water and how light is reflected on and off them in a chaotic burst of colour, movement and power.


I consider myself an abstract (ab-trahere) painter. With as little detail as possible, I pull the image from nature by building up thin layers of paint until I am convinced I have included enough to represent that which I see in my mind's eye.


My works are oil on canvas. I do not use a palette. I apply raw colour and mix it directly on my canvas, working two or more areas that will eventually impact and create a connection with each other. My brush floats around the canvas until all the connections have been made and all parts of my painting are talking to one another and together, they are communicating what I saw. That's when I know my painting is finished.


When I capture a particular space in time where sea and land coexist, something that is both fleeting and eternal and have you see it also, then I have achieved my goal.

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